Rules for Krazy Winter Nights

Rules for Krazy Winter Nights

The following form clearly states rules of conduct for Krazy Winter Nights Party. These rules are the basic guidelines for the respect and decorum that is the expectation while attending the Krazy Winter Nights Party and staying in the hotel. Breaking of any of these rules will result in your immediate removal from Krazy Winter Nights and the hotel property. No refunds will be given and you will be removed and banned from Krazy Kasbh and all future events

  • No Nudity or sexual activities in any public area of the hotel unless specifically designated otherwise. This includes but is not limited to the parking lot, Elevators, Ballrooms, lobby and or any floors not specifically designated otherwise . You will follow all security personnel requests at all times. This includes both our Krazy Kasbh team as well as all hotel personnel. ( Security personnel have the right to remove an individual at their discretion)
  • No outside alcoholic beverages will be brought into the ballrooms.
  • No Damage will occur in any hallways, elevators, public areas with in the hotel. Any Damage that does occur the individual {s} will be held responsible and required to pay for all damages.
  • All members and party goers will be required to wear the designated ID to be in the hotel. All food pick orders and drivers will not be allowed on the floors. Anyone not wearing the designated ID badges will be removed from the building.
  • No Drama, or Fighting will be allowed.
  • No. Excessive Drunkenness.

Hotel Rules and Regulations Update

    1. 1. There is no vaping allowed in the Ramada property. A smoking/Vaping section will be set up and monitored. The hotel just put in a new fire alarm system and vaping will set it off.
    1. 2. 98% of the hotel doors (Mostly the tower doors) Will be locked from the outside. You will not be able to get in through the towers. If you are caught letting someone in who is not wearing a KWN wristband you may be asked to leave the party and will not be allowed back in.
    1. 3. KWN Bracelets will be worn on the property at all times. If you cut off your bracelet or manage to lose it. It will cost you $35 to replace it.
    1. 4. Anyone seen without a bracelet will be taken to registration. If the registration is closed you will need to prove you have a room. If you cannot prove you have a room you will be removed from the property.
    1. 5. The hotel does not want outside alcohol brought in for this event. So not outside alcohol. Security will check for those re-entering the hotel. Shopping bags and loose carry bags will be checked. Back backs and luggage will not.
    1. 6. The hotel asking us to enforce a Zero tolerance drug policy. If we smell any illegal substances Security may ask you to leave and your room and tickets will be forfeit.




Rules for Krazy Winter Nights (download PDF)

Hotel Rules for Krazy Winter Nights (download PDF)