Sir Anthens

Speaker Sir Anthens

Sir Anthens started his journey into the kink and leather community in 2015 as a wide eyed, overly energetic, and curious voyeur. He found a home with a local munch and kink education group known as “Consent Kansas City”. During the first few months in the lifestyle, he found his first teacher who introduced him to the Leather culture. He encouraged him to get involved. Athens quickly became an active and vocal member of his local community as a result of his motivation.

He is an active member of the following groups and dungeon in the greater Kansas City Metropolitan area respectively: Alternative Human Sexuality (AHS), Hell Fire Club, and The Black Dog. Sir Athens honed his leadership skills in both small group and large organizations. He was able to do this by holding office in Consent Kansas City (CKC) and being a founding member of the Bloodline Leather Family. Consequently, he found his voice as a kink educator by demoing and teaching fire play throughout the Midwest. He has come to realize that he serves people who have empowered him with a voice to teach and make decisions.

As an instructor he believes it is important to set up a class in a safe and sane learning environment as a knowledgeable and engaging instructor. He finds that concepts are more easily conveyed when the class has the opportunity to interact and have a hands on experience. What better way to spend an afternoon than learning something new and implementing new techniques to improve your BDSM lifestyle.

Sir Anthens Classes

Mumification bondage

Class A

Love being restrained and having your sensations played with? Are you tired of the standard fuzzy cuffs and wax play filled nights? Want something more in depth or should I say all encompassing?Mummification will leave you extremely sensitive to every embrace. It will spike your mental state of your physical awareness. In this class we […]


Sensory Deprivation

Class A

Sensory deprivation. “The manipulation of a person’s senses has been a time tested way to establish control, increase pleasure or pain, and build trust. Whether you’re a sensual top and bottom who seeks to increase the sensation of erogenous zones, or a sadistic top and masochistic bottom who wishes to inflict maximum pain with little […]